Bolt Pro SDI - Tested/supported devices for metadata passthrough

The 2.0.0 release adds Time code support for Bolt Pro SDI models. When embedded time code is present at the video source, it will be sent alongside the video to the first connected receiver.
The following cameras have been tested, although any camera with time code in the SDI signal should work:

  • RED Epic, Scarlet -- Supports time code, record start/stop, file name
  • Arri Alexa -- Supports time code, record start/stop
  • Canon C300/C500/XF305/XF105 -- Supports time code, record start/stop
  • Sony F3/F5/F55 -- Supports time code, record start/stop
  • Panasonic AF100 -- Supports time code
  • JVC HM650 - Supports time code

The following recording/capture devices and software have been tested:

  • AJA Io XT
  • AJA Ki Pro Mini
  • Sound Devices PIX 240
  • Atomos Samurai Blade
  • Playback Tech Raptor HD
  • In2Core QTakeHD

This will be updated list as more devices are tested or reported as working.